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We are six Game Design students, at ICAN (Paris), and we are all passionate by video games. We are working on Metanoia, a 3D adventure game in which you're going to explore a mystical world looking for celestial artifacts.

The version you're about to play is in early development, the core mechanics are implemented as well as a basic progression system. We strongly recommend that you use headphones and a xbox controller to have a better experience.

Use the left stick to orient the character, the right stick to move the camera around it and the right trigger to gain some weight (this will allow you to gain more speed when descending a slope but will also slow you more when ascending one).

We definitely need your feedbacks to improve this project so feel free to share your impressions.

Here you'll find the first trailer we made : https://vimeo.com/151891274

And here is the last one we uploaded : https://vimeo.com/167651036

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and our DevBlog (links below)

FB : https://www.facebook.com/MomenteamStudio/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Metanoia_Game

Tumblr : http://metanoia-project.tumblr.com/

DevBlog : http://projectmomenteam.wix.com/


Metanoia V0.1.2.rar 405 MB


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Looks nice but I was really eager to get some more speed.

Thanks for the video ! There is definitely more to find and speed to get in this 0.1.2 version ;)